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RSVP for the Weekly Wellness Workout at the KPMG Center building every Tuesday on the 6th Floor from 12:00-1:00pm. You must be an employee of the KPMG Center building to attend. Any outside RSVPS will not be honored or acknowledged. 


Begin your message with “RSVP for month/day.”  If it is your first time RSVPing, be sure to also include the following: phone number, date of birth, emergency contact, and emergency contact number.  We cannot create a profile for you without all of the above mentioned items. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call or text 213.444.9093. Text is generally a faster route to contact us.

March 2024 Dates:

Tuesday, 3/5 @12:00pm - Yoga w/ Sheyla

Tuesday, 3/12 @12:00pm - Yoga w/ Sheyla

Tuesday, 3/19 @12:00pm - Yoga w/ Sheyla

Tuesday, 3/26 @12:00pm - Yoga w/ Sheyla

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