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"Jodi is an amazing personal trainer and person. She is very professional and understanding, but she will push you as much as needed for you to achieve your goals. I am a person that exercised a total of 2 months the past 10 years of my life and was totally out of shape. I felt weak and totally unmotivated to exercise. This changed as soon as I started training with Jodi. She is a well-rounded personal trainer, meaning she has the experience and knowledge to provide a complete meal plan with great suggestions that will change your eating habits forever. I have been gradually losing fat and gaining lean muscle ever since. The workouts are pleasant and never monotonous since we change things up every couple of weeks. Jodi is always there to explain what you are doing and why, and how to do everything in a correct manner.


The bottom line is that if you follow her instructions you will certainly get the results you strive for. My experience with Jodi has been excellent and I look forward to our next workout session." - E.E.


























4 weeks


4 weeks




"I've been working out with Jodi for 10 months, and the results have been excellent. I've more than achieved my goals and now am in the great position of being able to fine tune where I go from here. Jodi covers all the bases - nutrition included, and she's always open minded to try to include your preferences (don't like grapefruit, that's cool, try this instead!).

Having worked out with other trainers there's a wide variety of quality and personalities out there, and Jodi has to be one of the easiest-to-get-along-with professionals out there, and she will challenge you when she knows she can and give you a breather as you need it. It just has a good flow.

Great experience, great rates, results and a bit of life changing for the better. Thanks Jodi!" -Paul J.




"I have been working out with Jodie for over half a year and have been seeing great results; I plan on continuing with her for quite some time. I'm probably in the best shape of my life, and it's actually been quite an enjoyable experience. She customizes each workout routine and nutrition plan according to your physical needs as well as dietary preferences. She is also extremely knowledgeable in body and muscle composition, and has specific exercises tailored for your workout regiment. She also changes up the workouts every few weeks to keep things fresh. She has a friendly positive attitude and is very punctual. The option of her being able to come to your home gym is a great convenience over traditional gyms.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get in shape, train for sports and activities, even up to professional bodybuilding. She will help you accomplish your goals!" -Paul B.





"I have been working out with Jodie for almost a year and have seen great results! My personal goals are to lose weight, but most importantly to keep it off. Jodi has been great along the way, providing challenging and changing workout routines, dietary suggestions, as well as many different tips and tricks along the way!" -Christina W.


"Jodi is the best trainer I've seriously ever had.

She was a teacher before becoming a trainer, so her clients benefit from the teacher and trainer in her. She explains what muscles are being worked and somehow had the ability to push me to work at a level that I never knew I could. I never felt intimidated. Always felt empowered. She taught me about healthy eating habits, and worked with me to find what eating lifestyle I could have while making my transformation without feeling deprived. 

She wants her clients to be successful, and she'll help you figure out what that looks like for you in the gym, and on your plate.

I no longer train with her, but my lifestyle has changed for the better, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Jodi." -Tina C.

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