Cardio or Strength Training?

Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

When you start to work out, whether it is to be healthier, to achieve your fitness goals, or simply to feel better about yourself, there are a couple of decisions you must make to start seeing results.

Doing full cardio routines or doing strength training is something that you have to think about, and the expert gym trainers at D.T.L.A. Fitness in Los Angeles want to help you consider your options so you can reach your goals!


The Easy Way or The Hard Way?

There’s no easy or hard way to achieve your fitness goals — it all boils down to perseverance! However, there are better ways to approach it, and that’s with the right training, especially the one that a personal trainer can provide. A personal trainer can provide you with the right exercises and routines that work best for you and your body type. An experienced trainer can push your limits in a safe and healthy way so you can see the results you are expecting while knowing that you are performing your fitness activities the right way.

Man doing strength training at D.T.L.A Fitness

Why Strength Training or Cardio? Why Not Both?

There are many people that can debate that cardio is better than strength training, or vice versa. The truth is that they both serve different purposes and can help you achieve different goals. While cardio can help you burn more calories during the workout and helps you burn fat faster, strength training helps you build muscle, which can help you burn calories even when you are not working out.


The Advantage of a Personal Trainer

As we previously mentioned, cardio is a great and clean way to burn calories. However, the burning process does not last long after you're done with the workout — unlike strength training, which can help you keep burning long after you are done working out.

The big disadvantage of strength training is that you need to have better knowledge of how the body works — what’s a better way to use equipment or your body for the workouts, how to push your muscle groups to achieve better results, and so much more. That being said, strength training is not the easiest path to take, but it can be the one that yields the best results in the long run.

This is where a personal trainer comes into play. A personal trainer is there to teach you how to maximize your workouts while avoiding injuries and other problems that can come from doing strength training the wrong way.


Hire a Personal Trainer Today!

Taking the first step to go to the gym to reach your fitness goals is perhaps the most important decision you need to make — perseverance is the toughest part to achieve. When you hire one of our personal trainers at D.T.L.A. Fitness, you are getting not only a professional who’s going to guide you through the different workouts and routines you need, but you’ll also have someone who’s going to push you and motivate you to keep going and achieve your goals!

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